Personal Shopper

Let’s be honest. There are thousands of promotional product companies and over 300,000 products to choose from. Why then, use Chakra?

Simple – We apply the same simple principle to everything we do – provide excellent levels of client solution, support and service. In the case of MyChakraStore, this specifically means providing you access to one of our many experienced on-staff personal shoppers. They will consult with you, understand your needs, budgets and target audiences, make recommendations, then research and pinpoint quality products and acquire samples that will hit the mark. Or if you prefer, browse first on our on-line store, then call us. Branded corporate stores, inventory management and logistics can all be added to streamline how your organization acquires promotional products.

Don’t waste your time flipping through countless catalogs. Let your personal shopper do the work. Your time is at a premium and better spent creating value for your organization.

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